Laura Riddle Bio

Laura Riddle, MA, Certified Retirement, Career Transition and Life Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Passionate about helping Couple's, (Individuals and Organizations also), to put All the pieces of Retirement puzzle TOGETHER, to Thrive, not just survive. Transitions can be challenging and if Change was easy, everyone would "Just Do It". This next phase can be the best, let me assist!

I have been providing Coaching and Counseling to Couples, Individuals, Companies, Organizations, and the LGBTQ Community, for Life Change Success, for almost 40 years. Coaching for successful Retirement is my Passion! "Retirement" can be a 10 letter word, yet that's OLD NEWS. Let me help you Explore, Assess and Discover, you (and partner's) goals, strengths, dreams, concerns and fears... and make and implement, a Plan of ACTION.